Fox Traveler game

Welcome to the Fox Traveler game! Today you have the opportunity to meet a fox who loves to seek adventure on his head! Today the fox traveler wants to go with you on a great adventure through the magical forest! He planned it for a reason, the fox really wants to find all the mysterious crystals. Do you like to travel and explore something new and interesting for yourself? Then let’s go! The fox traveler is already waiting for you!

And so, your task in the game is to fulfill all the wishes of the fox on this journey. To do this, you will change day and night to collect all the crystals. Leave the stone clones behind you so that you can use them to climb high platforms and jump over them. You will also shoot the cannon and dodge ghosts that will confuse you. Over time, it will become more difficult to complete the levels, but if you can’t get through, then you can skip it. Jump in time with the fox the traveler, switch worlds and you will succeed! Good luck!